If you asked 10 people at random if they’ve ever heard of a government program that allows everyday private citizens to acquire oil rights on public lands, at least nine (and very possibly 10) would probably answer ‘no’. 
That’s because the U.S. government does not advertise the unique program by which they make land, potentially rich in oil and gas income, available to the  public.  This can make your chances for success excellent.

Little-Known Land Auctions
and Public Drawings promise
Huge Potential Revenue Rewards

  What our government makes available through this little-known process are the oil and gas rights on public lands. You may recall a similar program a few years ago, for the rights to communications cell sites for the emerging cellular industry conducted by Federal Communications Commission. Millions were made by participants in that lottery who acquired even one cellular property.

               The old FCC lottery is since done away with. The few remaining licenses are now made available exclusively on a bid basis, often demanding millions of dollars even for the less desirable markets. This has, of course, effectively shut out the little-guy. For the most part these resources are currently  available only to huge companies and the communications giants who can afford them.
               Today, cell sites dot every few miles of highway across our country.  Many produce huge incomes for their owners who had the foresight to enter these federally sponsored lotteries a few years ago.  This is similar in many  ways to the ongoing royalty revenues that owners of oil and gas leases enjoy on their producing parcels.  Many of these royalty holders report annual oil and gas incomes in six and even seven (million of dollars) digits.

               Fortunately the government oil and gas leasing program - at least for the moment - has the benefit of a
drawing  that is still open to the public to determine the winner of these valuable lease rights.  Moreover, today’s parcels, under  this remarkable program, have the potential of a ‘double whammy’.   That is an up-front cash bonus payment paid upon the oil company acquiring your lease rights from you, along with an overriding royalty  paid on all future oil and gas production.  This can create a nice lump sum cash bonus for you now, along with a continuing stream of royalty income for many years to come.

'The Little-Known Program
For People Who Never Win Anything
But Would Really Like To'

   The big advantage today is that your probability for success can be so incredibly good, especially at today’s oil prices. That’s why it is being called ‘the little-known program for people who never win anything - but would really like to’. You’re not competing against thousands or even hundreds of others. In many cases, very few are competing for even the better of these parcels.  You truly have a realistic opportunity to ‘stake your claim’ to the riches of America’s own energy wealth thanks to these promising odds.

  Upon being awarded a lease, you receive the rights for oil and gas to that parcel of land.  Oil companies pay  handsome up-front cash bonuses drilling fees for attractive parcels.

   In addition, you retain royalty rights as well. Once successfully drilled by an,these royalty revenues are ongoing.  This means you can continue to receive an sizable income month after month and year after year.  This can provide an income for you, your children and even your children’s children.  An income for life, for as long as your lease produces oil or gas!
   Imagine the thrill and excitement of learning that you’ve won oil and gas rights worth perhaps many thousands of dollars in up-front cash bonus fees.  Then consider the confidence and reasssurance of realizing that lifelong royalties could just add up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars over the life of a producing lease.  This is the reality of this remarkable program. 

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Understanding This Little-Known Public Lands Program